Seminars & DIY Workshops 2022

All seminars start at 10AM. See in store for details or call 250-828-2111. Seed StartingFebruary 5, 2022 Spring Bulb DishgardenFebruary 12, 2022 All About OrchidsFebruary 19, 2022 Citrus CareFebruary 26, 2022 PruningMarch 5, 2022 Hot Tub MaintenanceMarch 12, 2022 Small Fruit GardeningMarch 19, 2022 DIY Vegetable ContainerMarch 26, 2022 How to Test SoilApril 2, 2022… Continue reading Seminars & DIY Workshops 2022

Marching Right Along

I think we can all agree that 2020 has started off with a lot of uncertainty. While we face these challenges together, we’re also presented with an opportunity to find joy in our yards and gardens and finally get through those honey-do lists.

Fall Flowering Crocus

Goodbye Summer, hello Fall! And Fall means…Crocus! Fall flowering Crocus are a perfect way to enjoy beautiful blooms even in the cooler weather. Crocus AKA ‘Meadow Saffron’ start from a bulb planted 2”-4” under the soil surface in late Summer to early Fall. These delicate flowers bloom for 2-3 weeks in September in clusters, then… Continue reading Fall Flowering Crocus

Proven Winners

We recently had a visit from Jessica from Proven Winners because we are trying to develop our store into a Proven Winner destination, and because of the number of perennials and shrubs from PW that we are currently growing. If you haven’t visited us recently we have a PW display garden that has been growing… Continue reading Proven Winners

Grow a Row

This year we are excited to say we have joined the Grow A Row family! Grow A Row is 35 garden beds each sponsored by local businesses filled with fresh produce, all located at Home Hardware Building Centre. The vision for Grow a Row is to bring like minded business owners together who want to… Continue reading Grow a Row

Crops in Pots

Every year there is a large trend of some sort with gardening, this year it’s growing fruits and veggies in containers. Container gardening has gained even more popularity over the years from being convenient for people with little space,or who enjoy a patio garden.Here are some tips to make your container growing go smoothly this… Continue reading Crops in Pots

Florida Tropicals

A couple times a year at Art Knapp we bring in a full truck of lush tropical plants from Florida. House plants exploded with popularity in 2018, and in 2019 it looks like everyone has grown a green thumb (its okay if you didn’t,we still love you). We are excited for the classics like the… Continue reading Florida Tropicals

Winter Bloomers

After the beautiful Christmas lights get packed away and the tree gets taken down, your home may feel a little dull. There is no denying that winter does not have a lot of life to it, but that can easily be changed with the simple addition of some indoor plants! Studies have shown having plants at work, school or home reduces stress, improves perceptions of the space, and overall contributes to a happier mood. That’s why, here at Art Knapp, we carry tropical and flowering plants all year! Here are some of our favourites that we recommend during the winter months:

Celebrating With A Green Christmas

It is very much a tradition in Kamloops to decorate the entrance of your home with fresh greens, cones and twigs. People then add their greens to the inside of their home, which brings a scent of the outdoors in. Cedar and White Pine are the backbone of your decorating, with Silver Fir, Mountain Hemlock,… Continue reading Celebrating With A Green Christmas

Christmas Trees

Here at Art Knapp, we specialize in fresh Christmas trees, bringing in a variety of species to suit your holiday aesthetic. Here is a detailed list to help you decide on your Christmas tree: Cultured Douglas Fir – Has soft, bright green needles with a heavenly evergreen scent. It is one of the most economical… Continue reading Christmas Trees


It’s Christmas Lily season, AKA Amaryllis! These gorgeous bulbs compliment any household that they enter. Red is the most popular holiday colour, but the colours also include white, pink, orange and multi-coloured. Amaryllis means “sparkle” in Greek, and represents pride, determination and beauty. During the holidays, planting the bulbs in a nice ceramic pot, with… Continue reading Amaryllis

Norfolk Pine

The Norfolk Island Pine originates from Norfolk Island located in the South Pacific Ocean, between New Caledonia and New Zealand. In nature these beauties can grow up to 200 feet, but as a houseplant they grow up to 6 feet. Here in Canada, these trees are houseplants and a customer favourite during the holiday season.… Continue reading Norfolk Pine

Snake Plants

With the smoke creeping into Kamloops once again, it’s time to ask yourself “How is the air quality in my home?”. Thankfully mother nature has made a natural air purifier, the Snake Plant. Sansevieria Trifasciata is one of the best selling plants, not only for helping indoor environments, but also because of its modern look.… Continue reading Snake Plants

Fall Bulbs

As August is winding up in the garden and September is around the corner fall bulbs comes to mind. We have a great selection of Tulip, Daffodils and Crocus. Colourful Companion Packs are a great choice if you can’t decide what colour pallets that will compliant your garden. They are a mixed pack of a… Continue reading Fall Bulbs

Citrus Bliss

You may have heard the buzz about our citrus plants, if not, here is the run down- we have them! Citrus plants are a great patio plant to enjoy throughout the summer and, come winter, you bring them in and enjoy them indoors. Most varieties are dwarf and they will only grow 4 to 6… Continue reading Citrus Bliss


Many of our customers are unaware of the line of low cost perennials that we grow here at Art Knapp Garden Centre and then sell as MAURY’S BEST BUYS. These are plants that are well known, they perform well in all landscapes and we can offer them at very good prices. We have built two new… Continue reading PLANTING THE BEST FOR LESS


I am not a fan of bugs, anything creepy, crawly, slimy, multi-legged or otherwise, they are not for me. As I learn more and more about the gardening world, I learn more about the benefits of bugs and not the opposite. I am surprised by this, so I decided to delve deeper. Bugs in the… Continue reading Ladybug

A Shrub with Benefits

In our nursery this season we have greatly expanded our selection of Sea Buckthorn due to customer interest. Seaberry or Sea Buckthorn is a very hardy plant with slender gray leaves. The plants are tolerant of salt spray which makes this plant ideal for areas close to roadways that get sanded and salted during the… Continue reading A Shrub with Benefits

A Blurb on Herbs!

Holy smokes, I just took a wander through our herb section, it was delightful! I have to say, it is one of the busiest corners of our greenhouse and I see why, it captures many of the senses. As someone who has only ever talked about growing my own herbs, no more talk for me… Continue reading A Blurb on Herbs!

Shade Trees

You can love it or hate it, but Kamloops is hot! It is nice to have some shade trees around your yard to offer some protection from the direct sun. If you are starting a new landscape project or are refreshing your yard you most likely want a shade tree or two. There are some… Continue reading Shade Trees

Calliope Hybrid Geranium

A GREAT ADDITION, FOR YOUR PLANTER OR GARDEN Have you discovered the Calliope Hybrid Geranium yet? Be sure you leave some space in your garden or planters for this beauty. The Calliope Hybrid Geranium is a fantastic product of modern plant breeding. These geraniums have been bred to provide dynamic, living colour all summer long.… Continue reading Calliope Hybrid Geranium

Hanging Basket Tips & Tricks

WATERING YOUR HANGING BASKET Watering your hanging basket is the most important thing to remember – you can’t ever slip up! For mixed baskets water at least every second day in cool weather but as soon as the sun is it out and it’s hot (as it usually is in Kamloops) water once a day.… Continue reading Hanging Basket Tips & Tricks

Monthly Rose Schedule

CARING FOR ROSES THROUGHOUT THE YEAR: For all you rose lovers out there, here are some tips and a rough schedule for your rose bushes this year:   SPRING -Mid to late March is a good time to remove the mulch, when the ground is no longer frozen -Begin to prune when the buds start… Continue reading Monthly Rose Schedule

It’s Pond Season

AQUATIC PLANTS FOR YOUR POND Pond season is upon us! Those of us with ponds understand the important role plants play in order to complete the look of the pond. Not only are they visually attractive but many plants play a vital role in balancing the pond and improving water quality. Plants fall into many… Continue reading It’s Pond Season

All About Tomatoes

How to Grow Tomatoes Tomatoes are one of the most sought-after vegetables, from growing them to cooking with them, they are in high demand. There is a wonderful selection of tomato varieties available in our store from heirloom, hybrid and grafted varieties. There are no GMO tomatoes sold in the garden centre. No matter the… Continue reading All About Tomatoes

New Plants for 2018

The 2018 growing season is upon us! With so many plants to choose from, where do you start? This article covers some of the newest plants on the market this year, and should hopefully give you some great ideas. Trendy and stunning, these picks are sure to add some dynamic pops of colour and texture to your garden.… Continue reading New Plants for 2018

Soil, Nature’s Prozac

Did you know that playing in the dirt makes you happy? It is true what they say, gardeners really are the happiest people. Microbes found in soil are said to have a similar effect on the brain as Prozac, without the nasty chemical side effects. The bacterium, Mycobacterium vaccae, is found in soil and may… Continue reading Soil, Nature’s Prozac