Beachcomber hot tubs at Art Knapp Kamloops

At Art Knapp Kamloops we have been selling and servicing Beachcomber Hot Tubs for the past five years. We saw it as an opportunity to bring you a locally made spa, at a competitive price, enhancing the enjoyment of your backyard space. The Beachcomber brand has been in business for 40 years and are built here in British Columbia specifically designed for our Canadian winters. Beachcomber spas offer you a choice of a LEEP Model or a HYBRID Model.

The Hybrid model has the motors on the outside of the tub, tucked neatly away underneath the stairs, and has a hush pump that runs 24/7 cleaning and filtering the water. In the Leep Model, it is an option that can be added behind the main motor. This design along with our 100% cavity filled insulation system, and the powerguard heat shield (which is included in your tub) makes us a leader in maximizing energy efficiency, and reducing operating costs.

At Art Knapp we strive to give you a stress-free shopping experience, along with the best customer service possible. We take the time to answer your questions, encourage you to try out the hot tub, and offer you the option of wet-testing the tub at your convenience. We are also here to offer advice on maintaining proper water chemistry and free computerized water testing on an ongoing basis.

We also carry a full line of water balancing and conditioning products, parts and accessories. There is a certified, factory trained technician here on staff to assist you if you should ever have any questions or concerns regarding your Beachcomber. We are happy to be your one stop shop for everything you need to make your garden oasis a reality.

Colleen~Hot Tub Tech