Snake Plant

With the smoke creeping into Kamloops once again, it’s time to ask yourself “How is the air quality in my home?”. Thankfully mother nature has made a natural air purifier, the Snake Plant. Sansevieria Trifasciata is one of the best selling plants, not only for helping indoor environments, but also because of its modern look.

Snake plants have quickly become a designers choice for a minimalist indoor plant. The practise of Feng Shui states that if the plant is placed in a specific corner of the house it will bring positivity, strength and prosperity. One thing people may not know about Snake plants is that there is more than 10 varieties, and many different leaf styles. Mother in laws tongue is considered one of the easiest plants to care for.

snake plants and pots

Light requirements range from part shade to full sun, but some say they can handle very low light/false light. Cactus soil and a pot with a drainage hole is preferred, for the best results. The water schedule consists of giving a thorough water once the soil is fully dry all the way through.

If proper care is given then expect to have some Snake plant “pups” to grow on the side, which can be cut off and planted to grow a new plant! In conclusion,if you’re looking for a natural, cheap way to clean your air during these smoky times the Snake plant is a great and stylish choice.

Ivy~ Tropical Coordinator

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