Have you discovered the Calliope Hybrid Geranium yet? Be sure you leave some space in your garden or planters for this beauty.

The Calliope Hybrid Geranium is a fantastic product of modern plant breeding. These geraniums have been bred to provide dynamic, living colour all summer long. By crossing various species of ivy geraniums (most commonly used in hanging baskets) and zonal geraniums (most commonly found in pots), the breeders have refined the best features of both varieties into single series of geranium. Sporting a velvety-red colour, the calliope geraniums is drought tolerant, versatile and easy for all gardeners to care for.

The Calliope grows about 10-12” tall, with a vigorous, mounding to semi-trailing plant habit that will quickly fill your hanging baskets, patio planters and garden beds with dark red colour. Its large, semi-double flowers bloom under conditions ranging from full sun to part shade.

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They will thrive in full sun but need at least four hours of sun. The amazing large flowers, like a zonal geranium are semi-double and dark velvet red in colour. But dark red doesn’t describe it adequately. Is it blood red, wine red? I am not sure! Eye catching and outstanding for sure.

Find these gems out in our greenhouse, their colour makes them impossible to miss. Add some to your garden this year, you and your neighbours will love it.

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