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In our nursery this season we have greatly expanded our selection of Sea Buckthorn due to customer interest. Seaberry or Sea Buckthorn is a very hardy plant with slender gray leaves. The plants are tolerant of salt spray which makes this plant ideal for areas close to roadways that get sanded and salted during the winter.
There are some great benefits that come with these shrubs. The plants get covered with highly nutritious orange berries that can be protected with some wicked thorns, so watch yourself. The juice from the berries is high in protein, vitamin C & E plus organic acids. You are also able to take the leaves and steep them to make nutritional tea. In addition, the leaves and young branches can be used for animal fodder.
We have brought in a large selection of female plants that will produce an abundance of berries that are high in antioxidants. As they require cross pollination you always need a male which cross pollinate up to eight plants. The male plants do not get berries.

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Here are some of the varieties we are offering this season:

  • Baikal: Developed in Russia, these plants are known for their sweet, high quality berries and compact growing plants.

Out of Germany, we have four varieties to choose from. The German varieties are chosen for commercial juice production.

  • Askola: A heavy producer of berries on vigorous growing plants. The berries are deep orange and very high in vitamin C.
  • Frugana: These plants bear heavy crops of early ripening berries that are orange and red in colour.
  • Hergo: This is the most widely planted variety in Germany. The berries are light orange and ripen in late August to early September.
  • Leikora: Produces a heavy crop of large berries in late August. The branches are also good for making attractive ornamental displays.

From Moscow State University we have three varieties:

  • Botanica: It bears an abundant crop of very large berries that are bright orange and have a rich flavour.
  • Garden’s Gift: This is an early ripening variety with large orange fruit.
  • Titan: A superior variety with very large bright orange berries which are aromatic and delicious in juices and preserves.

From the Altai Region of Siberia we have one variety:

  • Radiant: Highly prized for the large juicy berries which are very high in Vitamin C.

sea buckthorn or seaberry images at Art Knapps Kamloops Garden Centre

We always love our unusual plants but these shrubs are packed with so many extra benefits, we are even more excited. With our large lots in Kamloops everybody should have some of these.

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