Green citrus plants, Citrus Bliss

You may have heard the buzz about our citrus plants, if not, here is the run down- we have them! Citrus plants are a great patio plant to enjoy throughout the summer and, come winter, you bring them in and enjoy them indoors. Most varieties are dwarf and they will only grow 4 to 6 feet but will still produce full size fruit. They are a great to add to a variety of dishes and they make an excellent gift. It is always a delight to watch fruit trees do their thing, but with citrus plants you get to experience the flowers and the fruit at the same time.

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New to citrus plants? Me too, so I started chatting with Shawn to get the ins and outs. You will want to keep your citrus plant evenly moist, they grow quickly and are heavy feeders. Shawn recommends using a slow release Art Knapp 14-14-4 or Shultz with every watering. Oranges and grapefruit need the most sun whereas lemons and limes can thrive in partial sun. When you get fruit be sure to pick it before it has full colour.

We have some great varieties in stock:

  • Variegated Kumquat
  • Lime (Bears seedless fruit)
  • Lemon, Meyer
  • Variegated Lemon
  • Ponderosa Lemon
  • Tangelo
  • Grapefruit, Ruby Red
  • Satsuma tangerine

Green Citrus Bliss, citrus plants

I think we have lots of new and interesting things coming through on a regular basis, but the citrus has me excited. It is fresh, different and fun as well as edible!

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