winter bloomers red and pink azalea

After the beautiful Christmas lights get packed away and the tree gets taken down, your home may feel a little dull. There is no denying that winter does not have a lot of life to it, but that can easily be changed with the simple addition of some indoor plants! Studies have shown having plants at work, school or home reduces stress, improves perceptions of the space, and overall contributes to a happier mood. That’s why, here at Art Knapp, we carry tropical and flowering plants all year! Here are some of our favourites that we recommend during the winter months:

white cyclamen winter blooming flower


Cyclamens are Maury’s favourite bloomer, symbolizing sincerity and lasting feelings. They have beautiful variegated leaves and flowers available in pink, red, white and purple that some say look like butterflies! They prefer bright indirect light, and humidity. Water when the soil feels dry and avoid getting water on the leaves.

pink orchid winter blooming flower


Orchids are a unique and long-lasting bloom representing beauty and luxury that can’t be beaten. We carry a variety of colours, from white to purple to pink – even variegated! South and east facing windows are the best location for your orchid. Give them lukewarm water and regular feeding with Art Knapp 20-20-20.

zygocactus christmas cactus winter blooms


Also known as Christmas cactus, zygocactus has a unique beauty to it and is very easy care for. In fact, it’s so easy to care for that it symbolizes eternal life, as some people have had theirs for over 20 years! It flowers in winter, which is perfect for adding some much-needed colour – like pink, orangey-pink, red, and white – to your home. Your zygocactus will like indirect light and should be kept more moist throughout the blooming season.

colourful primrose winter blooms


Symbolizing youth, primrose is edible and actually tastes like lettuce, but blooms in many colours from white to pink to purple, and all the way to red. Having one of these in your house will have you looking forward to spring! They like filtered sunlight,and watering when the soil is dry to the touch.

red pink azalea flowers bloom in winterAzalea

One of the most popular blooming plants, azaleas have beautiful, long-lasting blooms that symbolize femininity and softness. Misting is beneficial to these plants, and they like to be rootbound. Soil must be kept evenly moist, but not soaked, and good drainage is key, along with indirect sunlight.