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Every year there is a large trend of some sort with gardening, this year it’s growing fruits and veggies in containers. Container gardening has gained even more popularity over the years from being convenient for people with little space,or who enjoy a patio garden.Here are some tips to make your container growing go smoothly this year:


  • Plastic pots are easier to move, but if you prefer ceramic just put a plastic pot inside and still achieve a nice look.
  • Strawberry pots, grow bags and rectangular planters work well.
  • Trellises,obelisks,metal stakes,bamboo stakes and arbours come in very handy especially for veggies that have heavier fruit.

Soil Mix:

  • Lightweight premium organic vegetable/herb soil
  • Use myke to re-establish microorganisms in the soil
  • In 2 weeks you can begin to fertilize with 8-20-20,or water soluble 18-18-21


The amount of sun, reflective surfaces, time of day and wind will play a role in where you can grow. Be sure to keep these in mind so you can have the best results in your growing space.

container grown vegetables: tomato, herbs, peppers

Plants that grow well in containers:

Tomatoes: Grow in full sun, but shade the roots to prevent any blossom end rot. Remember a cage/stake for support.

Peppers: When growing in pots you will have the most success with the small to medium sized peppers, fruit production is much higher with the smaller sized fruit compared to large bell peppers. Hot peppers can be very decorative, the “vampire” pepper has purple leaves which add a nice colour element.

Potatoes: Grow in pots or grow bags, plant low and then keep adding soil around the plant as it grows, it will root along the stem and create more tubers.

Beans: Pole beans have lovely decorative flowers. Don’t forget to use innulent when planting the seeds, it improves the root system.

Lettuce, Mesclun, Arugula, Mustard greens: Grow underneath taller plants, this will help shade and cool the leaves, this in turn will reduce the chance of them bolting.

Strawberries: Choose everbearing seascape or tristar to get fruit the first year and all through Summer.

Herbs: Basil, Oregano, and Parsley enjoy the sun. It should be noted that Mint is aggressive so it should have a pot to itself. Rosemary and Basil do not over winter her in kamloops.

Others that can grow in containers: Leeks, Carrots, Blueberries, and Grapes.