florida tropicals palm header

A couple times a year at Art Knapp we bring in a full truck of lush tropical plants from Florida. House plants exploded with popularity in 2018, and in 2019 it looks like everyone has grown a green thumb (its okay if you didn’t,we still love you). We are excited for the classics like the Peace Lily and boston fern, but also looking forward to the new beauties!

red philodendron tropical

We carry a few sizes of the Imperial Red Philodendron, with large ones on the way for Spring. The leaves start off a nice red tone and slowly change into a deep green,sometimes giving off a black look. This Philodendron is easy care, and makes a great patio plant in the warm seasons.



yucca palm tropicals

We have many customers come in who want a tropical plant that looks good around their pool, and that they can also bring indoors, the perfect plant for that is a Yucca Cane. Unlike palm trees Yuccas are very hardy, and have strong trunks and foliage. Yuccas come in many heights, and can have multiple stalks in one pot which creates some dimension. The best part about these plants is they handle neglect well, so if you forget to water it won’t be mad at you.


areca palm for privacy

Another request we hear often is a plant that provides privacy, that is where the Areca Palm comes in. Areca Palms are the classic tropical look, and can be displayed in a few ways. They love the sun, so in front of a big window indoors would be ideal. Outdoors they look amazing in the centre of a ceramic pot, with flowers all around the base of the trunk. These palms are bushy so they fill any space nicely, having multiple pots side by side with an Areca in them will create a barrier of privacy from those nosy neighbors.

Over 50 species of tropicals will be arriving at the end of the month, everything from Alocasia to Zamioculcas. So green thumb or not there will be a plant for everyone, and we look forward to bringing the tropics to Kamloops!