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50 Years of Art Knapp Kamloops

50 years ago I’m sure my parents couldn’t have imagined where they would be and how their company would grow. My dad left a secure job and with the unwavering support of my mom they packed my sister and I up and headed to Kamloops. That was in 1972.

With the support of family, friends and customers my parents’ opening day was just the beginning of a wonderful life and successful business. Many customers had to hold my sister in their arms as my mom rang their purchases through the till. Other customers had to be selective of the shrub they chose, after watching me run freely around peeing on plants. What a crazy opening day.

Years later my sister would walk people to the outhouse behind the cow barn if they needed to go!! She took her job seriously and stood right in front of the door while waiting. I would entertain people’s children by showing them how to ride the red wagons down the steep hill in the parking lot onto the highway. In these years my parents often had to get help from customers to chase the escaped pigs, cows, sheep, or chickens around the nursery.

Those were very different times. It wasn’t just our store, everyone felt involved. Customers were neighbours, friends, and family. There was a real sense of community. Everyone wanted to help others succeed. Unfortunately, it took a pandemic to make that feeling return for most businesses, but I can say that I’ve experienced the same level of community and support through and through. The patience and kindness from everyone in Kamloops have been our driving force the past two years especially.

There are customers who have been shopping with us since opening day. Many customers helped raise me along with many of the original staff. I was truly blessed with so many people involved in my life and my family’s life. It is amazing to see people from opening day bring their kids and grandkids. We love hearing the stories about my dad (Jack) teaching people about their first apple tree, or hearing how we designed their wedding flowers, and some people even telling stories about the red wagon on the hill. 50 years have flown by. The store moved from Rayleigh to Notre Dame then to our current location on Halston. We have gone from mom and dad working, to 50+ staff in Spring. We have gone from an old 5-tonne van to a semi-trailer for hauling our plants.

My wife supports me (very much, I’m guessing, how my mom supported my dad). My wife and kids all work at the store doing whatever is needed for the day. My sister has her own successful career but still returns on her days off to help whenever needed. My mom… well she is there working just as hard as the first day. She hasn’t skipped a beat.

There have been a lot of changes, but many things stay the same. We are still a small family business that has grown to what you see today only by the grace of community support, amazing staff, great friends and family and some luck along the way.

I’m not sure what things will look like in another 50 years, it’s scary to think. I take solace in that my parents had the same fears 50 years ago and we made it to this point. I know my dad (Jack Hik) is proud of the whole family, and thankful to all those who got us to where we are today.

Thank you, Kamloops!
– Maury Hik