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Gourmet Village at Art Knapp Kamloops

Try Something from Gourmet Village

Our Gourmet Village line of products offers a variety of exciting new items. From dips to seasonings, drink mixes and much more. You'll have to drop by to see. Please keep in mind that our Foot Hills Ice Cream is seasonal only!

Try Something Wildly Delicious

Sharing food brings people together. It's the quality moments, laughter and stories that you'll remember over sharing everything from antipasto, bruschetta, warm dips and tapenades. Stop time and live spontaneously in the moment with Wildly Delicious.

Mason jars are not just for canning, but now come in a variety of “Redneck” glasses. Everything from the Redneck Mason Jar martini glass, margarita glass or set of champagne glasses. Each feature a screw-on lid and are crafted from genuine Ball Mason jars. These are perfect for any picnic, BBQ or casual party.