About Art Knapp Kamloops

About Art Knapp Kamloops

Our production Nursery is located behind the Art Knapp store and covers over 7 acres of land. Our 20 full-time and 60 seasonal Nursery staff are knowledgeable horticulture experts in helping you find the best plants to fit your garden’s natural features.  We have over 40 years of experience growing our plants and are here to help you every step of the way, whether you are a beginner gardener or looking for fresh new ideas for your mature garden.

Our staff inside the store are helpful and passionate about their work and pride themselves in finding you everything you are looking for.


Art Knapp has been an integral part of the Kamloops and area community since 1972 and we pride ourselves in the work we do partnering with groups both within our local community and abroad.

We are proud supporters of Communities in Bloom, making our community a brighter and beautiful landscape; The Garden Centre Group Co-op Coordination (GCGC) , one of the largest single contributors to Parkinson’s research/treatments; school education and tour programs and the Foyer de Sion Orphanage in Haiti.

Art Knapp is always involved in the education of horticulture offering free seminars throughout the spring and summer months. Sign up for your monthly newsletter to get special invitations to Free Gardening seminars.


The Art Knapp Garden Centre and Florist chain was founded over 40 years ago by Art Knapp and Bill Vanderzalm. Since then, Art Knapp Kamloops has been independently owned and operated by the Hik Family (Jack and Lenore) for over 20 years.

Jack and Lenore started out with a lean-to and a big old 500 lb. cash register in 1972 at the old location in Rayleigh. Maury and Erin were l8 months and 2 weeks old respectively when the doors opened. The following year a building was erected and they kept growing from there.

The store was operated in Rayleigh until 1985 at which point it was moved to Kamloops at Columbia and Notre Dame. Over the years the business has grown from a two person operation to employing over 50 or more in the busy season. Art Knapp owes the community of Kamloops for their support of Local business and is why they are successful today.

In June, 1992, Jack passed away suddenly.  Maury, Erin and Lenore have carried on with the wonderful help of employees, friends and business associates and feel forever indebted to those who helped them out. They’ve especially appreciated the friendships and strength the staff provided over the years, even as there was natural staff turnover. Erin has since moved on to other endeavors  and Maury and Lenore are keeping the business strong!

Environmental Commitment

At Art Knapp Kamloops environment is at the heart of everything we do. We are committed to increasing environmental awareness amongst our community, promoting the importance of wildlife and educating visitors on encouraging it to thrive in their gardens. We support local farming in and around the Kamloops area and source ‘home garden’ plants where possible. We recycle the grow pots we use on-site, compost all our organic matter, use organic pesticides as much as possible and have even purchased our own cardboard compactor

Work With Us!

Art Knapp Kamloops is one of Kamloops’ leading Garden Centre’s for jobs. We aim to create an environment of exceptional customer service. We offer competitive wages and enjoy our long lasting and loyal employee relationships, which we feel sets us apart from our competition.

If you are interested in applying with us, either forward your CV to the below address stating what role you are interested in, or attach your resume and cover letter to: info@artknappkamloops.com.

Art Knapp Garden Centre and Florist
420 Nunavut Way, Kamloops, BC V2H 1N6